About Us

My motivation to start Wave Hair Collection came from my own experience with hair loss.

I began to notice thinning hair in my early twenties. I specifically remember a co-worker commenting on my "bald spot." I still had a lot of hair, so I assumed it was the parting. As the years went on, the hair loss progressed. I brought it up to a few doctors and I was told it was normal and potentially related to a number of different things. I finally saw a dermatologist at the recommendation of my new stylist, and through scalp biopsies received a diagnosis of Lichen Planopilaris, which is a form of scarring alopecia.

I was devastated to learn that there was no chance of regrowth in the areas that scarred over, and the only goal for treatment was to prevent further hair loss. Treatment also included multiple daily oral medications, topical medications, and steroid injections into the scalp. As frustrating as the diagnosis was, I felt a sense of relief having an answer. I knew there had to be a solution and I couldn’t be the only one with severe hair loss. That is how I ventured into the world of wigs and toppers.

Wave Hair Collection is here first and foremost to support the 40% of women dealing with hair loss. We want women to know that they are not alone, and there are solutions for thinning hair and alopecia. We’re also here for anyone who just wants a little help with their hair. Wigs and toppers are a fun and easy solution to add volume, change up your style, take time off of your morning routine, and avoid bad hair days!